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Scaffold Builder-Level 2
North Slope, AK
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Equal Opportunity Employer
ASRC and its subsidiaries are an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. As such, we are required to provide reports on gender, ethnicity, disability and veteran status of employees. This data is for analysis and affirmative action reporting purposes only. Submission of this information is voluntary.

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ASRC is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and applies shareholder preference in employment, to the maximum extent feasible, as authorized by Public Law 93-638, 25 U.S.C. 450e, Section 7 (b) & (c) (As amended by the Indian Self-Determination Act Amendments of 1994, PL. 103-413, §102(3), (4)).

NOTE: ASRC and its subsidiaries have adopted an Employee Concerns program, which applies to applicants for employment. Under the program, any concern an applicant may have regarding the actions of ASRC or its subsidiaries in the hiring process will be resolved informally internally or by formal arbitration if that fails. All applicants are waiving their right to sue in a court of law. If hired, the same program applies as an employee.

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